Interview Questions

You've been requested by a client to attend an interview. You're half way there and have one foot in the door, the interview is the time to make yourself stand out and remain memorable to the interviewer, do this by asking well thought out questions, below are so examples of questions you could ask.

Questions for you to Ask at Interview

  • What is the vision for the company?
  • How would you describe the culture in the business?
  • What attracted you to join the company?
  • What are the values for the business?
  • What are your growth plans over the next 3-5 years?
  • What are the major opportunities for your business?
  • Who are your major threats in your business arena?
  • Who are your major competitors?
  • Why is your business so successful?
  • Why is the post vacant?
  • What was the profile of the individual who was in the role previously?
  • Why did they leave?
  • What skills and attributes are you seeking in the ideal candidate?
  • What are your expectations of the person who will be appointed?
  • What are the development opportunities in the role?
  • What type of training is available within the company?
  • How regularly is performance assessed in the business?
  • How does my experience match with what you are looking for?



Are you worried what the interviewer may ask? Has it been a while since you last attended an interview? Below are some examples of questions that are often asked by interviewers. 

Questions that are often asked at interview

The following questions will explore your communication and presentation skills and leadership ability

  • How do you prefer to communicate in small or large groups?
  • Have you ever volunteered to lead meetings or discussion groups?
  • Tell me about your most impressive piece of communication in your current role?
  • Give me an example of when your communication skills have been tested?
  • On a scale on 1-10 how would you rate yourself at presentations?
  • How would your peer group rate your communication skills?
  • How do you interact with people at different levels within your current company?
  • Tell me about a time where a communication has had a detrimental effect on your business?
  • How do you approach selling your ideas?
  • How would you describe your management style?
  • How would you describe your leadership style?
  • Tell me about a business leader that you admire and why?
  • What kind of people do you find difficult to get along with?
  • When were your leadership skills put to the test, give me an example?
  • Tell me about a time when you affected the way a team worked together?
  • How do you motivate your team and build team spirit?
  • How would your manager describe your management ability?
  • What aspect of your management skills would you like to develop?