Strategies That Work When Hiring:

9 Ways to Recruit Better

Since 1989, Paul Mitchell Associates has created breakthrough moments for our clients to compete and flourish. Here are nine of the things we have learned along the way:


The Most Important Decision

We have learned that the effect someone has on your business depends more on this decision than any other: Why are they the right fit for us?

Loyalty and performance hinge less on salary and more on how well their character fits.

It pays to define your brand's personality before you hire. Your customers will never love your company until your employees love it first.


The Promise

The second most important decision is this: what should you promise the candidate?

Our clients know to recruit and retain the right people, it pays to promise a benefit which is competitive and unique. And you must deliver on the benefit you promise.

Those who fail to do so risk losing their best people to competitors – or worse.


Story Appeal

Alone – like a CV – a job description rarely stands out. The average candidate will see hundreds of competing advertisements. Most are overlooked.

As brand ambassador, PMA has achieved lasting success for clients by revealing their unique culture, reputation and vision. Potent storytelling allows people to imagine a future with our clients before taking the leap and vice-versa - reducing risk for both parties.


Resist Recycling Roles

When an employee leaves, people all too easily revert to the original job spec to seek their replacement. This can be a mistake. One size rarely fits all. Most people resign because the reality does not match the promise.

Experience – and our clients – tells us that a period of reflection and revision is essential for long-term staff retention. Those who fail to adapt risk repeating costly mistakes.


Minimise Risk

The surest way to overspend in recruitment is to not spend enough to do the job properly. Attempts to economise at the expense of quality increases risk. People often come to us having spent time and money with a no-frills agency or on ineffective advertising, with nothing to show.

Our clients choose to invest in PMA’s first-class service in order to minimise risk, knowing they haven’t sacrificed quality.


Reputation is Everything

A bad agency is like a grifter. They use jargon, take your money and vanish, often leaving a mess. If you work with sharks, you will get bitten.

With a sterling reputation founded as specialists in financial recruitment, our clients know we can’t afford to make false promises or come up short. Our testimonials are proof of their return on investment. No sharks allowed!!


Business Partnering

We spend a lot of time with our clients. Being niche allows this. We see this as the best way to get to know their business. It helps us to form strong relationships and build confidence.

The recommendations PMA makes to our clients should be the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies. This earns their respect, which is the greatest asset we can have.


Don't Wait!!

No matter how prestigious the company; applicants will not wait forever.

Those who protract the recruitment process – and fail to communicate – risk losing great candidates to more pro-active competitors.

Our most successful clients are also the most decisive. They don’t wait for a dozen CVs when all they need is one great one.


Hire People Bigger Than Yourself

Insecurity or ego often leads people to hire beneath them. The surest way to stifle a business is to hire small. So too does hiring smart people and telling them what to do.

Great people hire great people, enabling their business to become greater. Our clients know the value of hiring smart people who can tell them what to do.

Is This All We Know?

These findings apply to most categories of recruitment. But not to all.

PMA has developed a specialised body of knowledge on what makes for success in recruiting Accountancy & Finance, Office, HR & Legal, Marketing & Sales, Tech – together with BESPOKE services. As a client of Paul Mitchell Associates, you will have access to all these benefits – and much more.