Expertise on Demand:

SPECIAL Projects


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SNEAK PREVIEW: SPECIAL Projects is the division of Paul Mitchell Associates dedicated solely to the supply and fulfilment of all Fixed-Term-Contracts – tailored to our clients’ and candidates' specific requirements.


Who Is This For?

Clients seeking expertise on demand – and candidates seeking flexibility – for either:

  •   A Set Period of Employment
  •   Completion of a Specified Task
  •   In Reference to a Specific Event

What Is This For?

An illustration of the scope of our SPECIAL Projects division:

  •   Fixed-Term-Contract
  •   Freelance / Self-Employed
  •   Consultant
  •   Project Specialist
  •   Casual Work
  •   Secondment
  •   Transitional
  •   Winding Down
  •   Maternity / Paternity Cover
  •   Adoption Cover
  •   Sickness Cover
  •   Bereavement Cover

More Details To Follow